delta air lines


I’m so glad to be back in the good old U S A and promise to never leave it again. The trip to Costa Rica was a very interesting one to say the least.
1st there is many more mountains in that small country about the size of West Va, and would bet there is not 1/10th of the roads that W Va
has. Will say one good thing about that place everyone works, really have to be disable not to have a job, everything is very expensive specially
food and kind of booze if you drink. Needless to say I did not have more than one beer a day $5.00 up to $8.00 for one beer. They give you
plenty to eat however a hamburger begins at $10.00 and goes up according to where you eat. It was their rainey season so got rain nearly
every day, it got daylight by 5 30 a m and was dark before 6 p m. There is 2 hrs difference in their time & mine. The flt on jet blue was very
good for sure more leg room than on any coach delta flt.  Roads & streets very narrow plus there are no street signs or very few road signs
best you have a GPS or you would never find your way around. We stayed in 3 different towns if you can call them towns sure not cities.
It’s nothing to taking you 3 to 5 hrs to drive 70 to 90 miles, so many curves and single lane bridges where speed limits were 20 mph. The
people were very friendly and most looked just like Americans the country hires lot of their labor & farm work from other countries. When
you buy gas there is someone to pump the gas ck your tires and wash the windshield. You see very few fat people seem to me everyone
had a vehicle might live in a shack but got a car or motor bike. 10% tax on everything plus when eating out tip is always included. The 3
different places we stayed we were lucky to get 1 to 3 channels of English speaking tv. Never seen so many hotels, motels & places to eat.
Think the country depends of tourist for a lot of their income however did see lots of industry. I did find out that most of the American’s
that now live there live on the west coast, it’s the only area I think that has any flat land. Car rental also very expensive because of the
insurance you have to take out, we paid $300.00 insurance for 7 days did not include car rental. Except for the rain showers usually early
mornings then again around 3 p m each which wasn’t heavy or last very long the wx was great upper 70s to upper 80s. We went with another
couple they got sick 1st then 3 days later Virginia got sick and I made it to the last day before I caught what they had I guess it was a cold or
sinus infection. None of us speaks spanish so a few problems mostly minor as they begin teaching their kids English in 1st grade.
Lots of places to see and things to do but none is cheap, this wasn’t their main tourist season, their food was very good serve lots of different
beans & potato’s. Other than coffee & sugar cane don’t think they grow much of anything else. Glad you got to see your sister one more time.
Delta has 1 flt a day down there from ATL and would not offer the same deal we got on Jet Blue so drove to Fll to catch their flt.  It was 50
at 7 a m was a shock to this old body plus hasn’t rain since we left but everything is still green, grass doesn’t’ ‘seem to need mowing that bad
can’t mow anyway the battery dead on mower over 4 1/2 yrs old to town 1st thing today buy a new one. See it’s still warm out your way
sure will change soon. Take care got lots to catch up on will take a few days.

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