delta air lines

delta emp. Mike Hammer

Hi Van,
Cruise started in Vancouver, B.C. where the people are very friendly and helpful( like Texas of 40-50 years ago ).
Overnight to Seattle We have been there often, so we stayed on the ship. Next were five sea days enroute to Honolulu. Sea days are restful and fun for Donna and me. I have bridge(cards) lectures in the morning and duplicate games in the afternoon. Donna had knitting and sewing groups plus crafts each morning. We arrived in Honolulu and had an overnight there. Five more sea days followed, then a stop at Pago Pago, American Somoa. Nice island except for smell around “Charley the Tuna” (Chicken of the Sea canning facility). Two more sea days, then two stops in Fiji(not impressed). One more sea day followed by three stops at small islands with nothing but beaches. Then a stop at Noumea, New Caledonia, a beautiful island ( to me, much more impressive than the Tahitian Islands). Two more sea days, then cruise end for us in Sydney, Australia.(the cruise was continuing for 33 more days around Australia. We spent three days in Sydney, riding ferries around Sydney Harbor, and then riding the Hop on-Hop off busses around Sydney and several suburbs. The last day was reserved for Donna to see the Royal Botanical Gardens. It rained off and on, and the gardens were a bit of a disappointment. Then fourteen hour flight back to Los Angeles and three more hours to DFW. Then jet lag and tiredness took over……………..mike

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