delta air lines

Delta Employee J D Anderson


How are you doing with the sunny cool wx, sure beats the heck out of the wet cold days. It’s cool windy out of the north & hoping to
see the temp get up in the upper 50s today. Thought for sure would get a freeze last night lucked out only 38 for a low. Best you
find any good prices on pecans then buy them, Ga, crop will be only 70% of what they expected and most I hear want be No 1’s
also the Chinese have already bought up over 60% of the Ga, crop. The wx cause many problems for the big growers also wiped
out most nuts grown by people with any trees like myself. There are hundreds of trees in town & around the county. When
driving back from SC we didn’t see any trees with nuts. Did see many farms with cotton needing picking people that own cotton
pickers making all the money not many small farmers can afford half million for a picker.  The deer are back there is still several
lima bean plants along the fence that they have been feeding on, I never see them coming around mostly at night.  Still got green
leaves on the fruit trees, guess need a good freeze so I can get out and get them trimmed before middle of January.  Also need
to trim some low pecan limbs. Guess you are about through with mowing for the year. I will put new blades on mine plus chg
the oil & filter put it up for the winter.  I do crank it up about once a week to keep the battery up and keep fuel from going bad.
Bought a new tv cabinet that thing sure was heavy almost 200 lbs entire thing was solid wood was surprised when I read made
in China(ha) our old one was too low always bending the head down to watch tv. Mother nature sure playing weird tricks on us
got weeds, grass, clover you name it coming up which is not normal for this time of the year, usually don’t see this until Mar or April.
So much for winter who knows what to expect come spring & summer.  Hope all is well with you & Josie we are doing ok trying
to decide when heading to STL for xmas, should know for sure once we know what bowl game TCU will be playing in. Have a good
weekend our temps and sunshine should be pretty close what you will be getting.






























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