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Just wanted you to know I had the best birthday party in my life Sat night. What a surprise thought we were going to meet some friends
at church for diner with each couple bringing food(ha) When we walked in the door there was over 70 people there to wish me happy
birthday, friends & family from afar boy was I in shock. Never had a birthday party but this one made up for all the ones I never had
but wanted. Had video’s of my childhood pictures of course Virginia gave everyone a little history of my up bringing from about 3 yrs
old until I married her over 10 yrs ago, got lots of little gifts and many cards, of course so many of those folks brought all kinds of
snacks & goodies I was ask lots of questions about my life, being happy is an under statement.  Just wish my boys had been there
understood why not both were working and the cost to fly & take off would have been too much.  Virginia wanted to invite you
& Josie but knew there was no way, she was shocked that so many people knew about the surprise and NO ONE ever gave away
the secret. Van regardless of all the setbacks, hard times life can still be wonderful nothing like good friends and family, thank God
has blessed me with both.  Even the wx was great and even better today can’t begin to tell you how that party has made my life.
I wish all my friends & family could experience what happen to me yesterday, everyone deserves something great to happen to them
in their life.  No idea if you got rain did see rain heading this way soon, that’s fine nothing any of us can do about the wx anyway
so enjoy whatever comes.  Hope your weekend went well sorry to hear about your neighbors going to happen to all of us one
of these days, I’m so thankful I’m made it this long to me every day I wake up and know what’s going on is a GREAT DAY, so
you take care be thankful we live in this free country and pray it stays that way after we are gone. 

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