delta air lines

Stock show

No doubt it will rain today somewhere in FW today, but rest of the week looks great. We finally getting some sunshine and just
a little warmer not much also not so much wind today.  Can’t get the chain saw to run hopefully my mechanic can fix it today.
He works full time at a shop in town then works on friends eqpt in the evenings & on Sat. Things I  would not do again pull
corn by hand, follow two mules all day plowing up 100 acres.  Go swimming in the same creek where I learn to swim 75 yrs
ago. I would water ski in the Miss river again. Also would not chop cotton with a hoe all day.  There are many more things
like climbing up a big pecan tree & shaking those limbs getting the nuts to drop.  You didn’t mention if you plan on going
to the stock show this year. Still too wet to do anything outside for sure with all the hard freezes I want be mowing anything
soon. Have a great weekend thanks so much for the phone call send some of that warmer wx over this way I’m already
tired of the freezing nights wet cold windy days.  Tell Josie hello

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