delta air lines

23 year old Frank Sinatra mug shot 1938
A Coca Cola advertisement
 made by pigeons in St. Mark’s Square, Venice, late 60s
A teenage Bill Clinton meets with John F. Kennedy
Alfred Hitchcock serving tea to Leo the Lion, MGM’s mascot, 1958
An Elephant stops a tram on Gray’s Inn Road, London, 
to eat an apple from the driver, 1936
Apollo 16 astronaut, Charles Duke, 
immortalizes his family by leaving a photo of them on the moon, in 1972
Astonishing photo showing a man feeding a polar bear and his cubs,
with milk, Russia, late 1970s
Bill Gates arrested in Albuquerque for speeding in his Porsche.
Birthday Clown, 1965
Eiffel Tower under construction, 1887
Einstein with Charlie Chaplin
Halloween in the 1900s
John Lennon explains his relationship with Yoko
Marlon Brando before, and after, 
getting his makeup done to be Don Vito Corleone, in The Godfather.
Meryl Streep, New York City subway, 1981
Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney doing dishes.
Miss America, 1924
New York City, 1903
No white people allowed in zoo today, 1950s
Police officer guarding Galt, 
Ontario pharmacy in waist-high flood waters, May 17, 1974
Ronald Reagan telling Frank Sinatra to stop dancing with his wife, 1981
Russian soldier playing an abandoned piano, Chechnya, 1994í-and-Coco-Chanel.jpg
Salvador Dalí and Coco Chanel
Selfies, 1920s
The models of “American Gothic” stand next to the painting
Titanic, 1912
Workers pose more than 100 feet in the air during 
construction of the Brooklyn bridge



“I think by far the most important bill in our whole code, is that for the diffusion of knowledge among people. No other sure foundation can be devised for the preservation of freedom and happiness… The tax which will be paid for this purpose is not more than the thousandth part of what will be paid to kings, priests and nobles who will rise up among us if we leave the people in ignorance.”

— Thomas Jefferson to George Wythe, 1786

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