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Russian Pistol

So you think you can shoot a handgun. Check this one out.  Try it: see how good you are with a Russian pistol.  ( All text is in Russian. ) Save money and ammunition too!
The virtual pistol is a Soviet Tokarev Model 40, in caliber 7.62 mm.  It is quite accurate.
Being virtual, it will lack the actual ‘feel’ and the recoil.  In real life, at each shot, the recoil will throw your aim off the target.
When the pistol appears, click on the white spot on the trigger, this will bring up your target.  Take aim, and fire by “clicking” on your left mouse button.  It’s very much like the real thing.
The longer you hold the pistol, the more your aim will wander.
You have 3 shots in 30 seconds to hit the target and get your score.
CAUTION: It’s addictive.
Click here ↓ :
Click on the white dot on the trigger guard to start after the program is loaded, after your 3 shots, click on first line of writing in box that comes up to try again.



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