delta air lines


After next trip, will have visited all continents numerous times except the one farthest South. Swam, fished for piranhas, hunted camons on the Amazon, safari in Africia, snowmobile Iceland glacier, white water rafting,snow skied, hiked, etc North America, hiked a volcano in Central America and been all over Europe. Have cruised the Atlantic, Baltic, Pacific  and Caribbean and no I was not in the service or a pilot . Did 90% after I retired. So, you want most memorable? Get read for this.    DISNEYWORLD.  Visit there at least once a year and sometimes twice. Go figure. Hadn’t thought about my travels until you asked. When actually started thinking about it said wow, 90% of this in last 14 years. Probably will never visit all continents as wife would not survive the ship crossing due to motion sickness. Understand that the crossing on a calm day is rough. Hope this answers your question.

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