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Among the several things in this mail is one which shows a series of different Parachute operations including one night combat jump by the 173rd Airborne in Iraq . Some really different and good footage and jump scenes in here including one tailgate back flip . For the non Jumpers who view this , you don’t get to see the details that lead to the Jumps and they are many including pre-flight briefings of routes ,check points , altitude winds ,flight and drop vectors , drawing ,donning and having a Jump Master check each and every jumpers equipment before loading the aircraft , in flight check points the Jump Master has to be concerned with , getting all jumpers on their feet ,each one personally checked by another Jumper insuring their Static Line is not routed under his main lift web of the Parachute ,  insuring no other aircraft are too close to yours which may cause jumpers to go into their propellers which has happened several times, mostly at Fort Bragg, N.C. over decades . and that fickle wind conditions which can change the instant you start leaving the aircraft for the drop are within parameters for safety . Good films ,all in one ,don’t miss this .

Click on http://www.usaparatroopers . com

Subject: USA Paratroopers Airborne Vikings

USA Paratroopers
Welcome to USA Paratroopers: USA Paratroopers is a network linking past and current US Military Airborne troops. USA Paratroopers is for anyone who was honorably …



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