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Cares & Concerns
Dear friends of DL Captain Bob Carter … requesting your kind assistance … if you could take a moment to relay a note of cheer to Captain Carter, it would be so very much appreciated!  Bob is at home with hospice care. He has been taking chemo treatments for some time now battling  cancer. 

Bob’s wife, Carol, is requesting that if anyone would like to send a cheery card or e-mail to Bob, that they share a little note or funny story about how you know Bob … something they could read and maybe share with his sons, Rob and John, and the grandchildren.  As with any situation like this, the family is looking for anything that brings happy, fun stories, in an attempt to hold on to good memories.
I’m sure many of us may have a flying story…or fun layover tale we could send.
Bob was based in MIA, ORD, MSY and retired while flying out of ATL.
Thank you!
Toni Holman
Address:  Carol Carter, 402 Barataria Lane, Ft. Walton Beach, FL  32547 ~

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