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If you get to or near New Orleans, be sure to see the WW II Museum.

There are not too many WWII vets still alive. Be with them as they visit the WWII Museum in New Orleans.


WW II Vets visit WWII Museum


My respect for Gary Sinise just continues to grow.


This video is very moving and very impressive.

Here is one Hollywood actor that is a good guy.
These unequaled heroes are about to leave this planet. We must not forget what they bequeathed to us!  You have to be 17 to enlist in the military.  While it is well known that people younger than 17 served in WWII (& other wars) I am going to use 17 as a base.  The war ended in 1945 & this is 2015.  That means the YOUNGEST surviving WWII veteran is 87.  Keep that in mind when you watch the video.  Quite a few (in my opinion) do not look their age.  Something I’m sure you’ll enjoy.

Soaring Valor (Short Film) – YouTube

With a hero’s welcome, the Gary Sinise Foundation brought WWII veterans and their guardians to The National WWII Museum in New Orleans. One-of-a-kind …



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