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     For our grandparents, parents, and their families..    
        This week in England , all mention of the Holocaust was removed from school curriculum.
        It was claimed that remembering the Holocaust is offensive to the Muslim population which denies its existence.
        The Second World War in Europe ended some 70 years ago.
        This email aims to create a chain of memory…..
        TO THE MEMORY OF..
        6 million Jews,,
        20 million Russians,
        10 million Christians,
        1,900 Catholic priests

       Who were Murdered, Raped, Burnt, Starved to death…
        NOW more than ever, while Iran and others claim the Holocaust never happened.
        IT IS ESSENTIAL that we do  EVERYTHING so the WORLD DOES NOT           FORGET.
        This email must reach at least  FORTY MILLION  People all over t he world.
        Join us and take part in the CHAIN OF MEMORY.
        Help us spread it throughout the world. 


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