delta air lines

This was posted by a friend…..I felt compelled to share this!
 In 1991, at the end of Desert Storm, a 19 yr old US Army Cavalry Scout Private who had just spent 8 months at war sat out on a street at Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia.
He sat there on his duffle bag with his Battalion around him for 4 days waiting for the buses to come and take him to the King FahadAirport so he could go home.
 Unfortunately, the politicians of the day never planned for how to bring so many soldiers home after the war ended so there was a shortage of planes.
 Politicians are great at talking, but terrible at doing.
 Finally, the buses came, and took the young man to the airport.
 The planes waiting were from Tower Air.
 The owner of Tower Air had volunteered his planes and staff to bring soldiers home for the cost of fuel only.
 Happily, the young veteran got home just in time for Easter weekend in 1991, and spent that time emotionally healing with friends and family surrounding him.
 That Private was me.
 The Airline owner – Donald J Trump.
That is why I will vote Trump.
 Loyalty for loyalty, respect for respect.
 Any questions?
Written by Ron Knouse

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