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Civilian Flyover

A tribute to honor one of their own.  
Great!  Arlington National Cemetery Flyover
Two Air Force Pilots, Major Howard V. Andre Jr. and Major James E. Sizemore, were recently buried at Arlington National Cemetery and were honored with a flyover by civilian pilots. The Air Force pilots were Killed In Action over Laos during the Vietnam War and their remains were only recently discovered and returned for proper burial at Arlington . This Flight of Honor was truly awesome for the other pilots to plan and conduct it.
It’s a shame that someone that gives their life can’t get a flyover but the White house can congratulate dopers and gays when something happens to them. The president orders all flags to half-mast for Whitney Houston when she overdosed. Hard to figure these things out.
All, please take a couple minutes and watch this video from a local news outlet in the Orlando area. I didn’t see it on any of the major news programs, but I thought you would like to see it. God bless those who did the flyover and God rest the souls of the two pilots lost so long ago!
What a great thing those heroic Airmen did!
I also understand that they covered all the cost including a large amount for the fuel.

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