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Thanks for stopping by the other day. This is the update that you wanted on our recent trips.
We left March 31st to fly to FLL for a repositioning cruise on Princess to Europe. The ship had spent the winter in the Caribbean and was heading back to the Mediterranean for the summer season so the 14 day trip was really discounted. We left on Thursday because the flights were more available and it gave us an insurance day in FLL to catch the ship if something happened (weather, canceled flights, etc.). The ship left on Saturday, 7 sea days to cross the Atlantic to Lisbon. We were supposed to stop at the Azores but had to divert because of an impending storm near the islands. From Lisbon we stopped at Bilbao on the north coast of Spain, then to Le Havre in Normandy. We disembarked at Southampton, England on Saturday 16 April and rode the ship shuttle to LHR. We were able to ride in business class LHR-MSP and no problem with the connection to DFW arriving at about 5:00pm.
We spent Sunday and Monday washing clothes and repacking and flew out Tuesday 19 April to MSP. We talked to Tom Frank while we waited for the flight and he told us that Delta had just moved back from the satellite gates to the normal gates in the middle of the terminal. We spent Tuesday night in MSP because the weather in DFW for Wednesday looked bad and I did not want to catch an early flight through MSP and miss the connection to Singapore because of a late or cancelled flight from DFW. Business Class 12 hours to NRT but caught the last to seats in coach on the 8 hour flight to Singapore. We spent a couple of days in Singapore and then boarded the ship for our cruise to Shanghai. Our first stop was Bangkok, very hot and humid and then we went to Vietnam for stops at Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon of course) and Da Nang. Our tour at Saigon was to the VC tunnels at Co Chi. Half way through the tour we had a break at a gift shop at the tunnels site. They had a shooting range there (it was a little weird hearing gun shots in VN again) and I bought Carol a 10 shots for 10 dollars package to shoot an M-16. I told her if she was going to come to VN with me she had to shoot an M-16. (We had flown to Hue, close to where I was stationed, for a 4 day trip about 4 years ago. I wanted her to see the area and I wanted to go back. Everything had changed so much it was hard to recognize the place.) From Saigon we stopped at Da Nang and then to Hong Kong, Macau, Taipei Taiwan, Nagasaki Japan, Busan So Korea and disembarked at Shanghai China. The seas were glass smooth on the entire Asian cruise. Business Class on the 12 hour flight from PVG (Shanghai) to SEA but our connection to MSP was 5 hours late and I was afraid it might cancel so we flew SEA to LAX for a chance at the last flight to DFW. That was full so we spent the night at LAX and caught the early flight Friday morning to DFW.
You wanted to know how the non-reving went. A few potential flight problems that were easy to overcome and 6 weeks of grass to cut when we got home but all in all a pretty good trip. I went shopping for groceries when we got home and saw Mike Hammer. He said they had just returned from a 33 day cruise themselves. You have to travel while you still can.
Again, I enjoyed our visit with you and Josie. I hope this is write-up what you wanted.
Chuck and Carol Bunce

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