delta air lines

Finally happen

The 2nd time in 9 weeks we got rain again however it took over 10 hrs to get 1/4inch hey to me that’s great for sure I could mow this
afternoon without knowing it had rained that is if this place only needed mowing. The biggest rain from the tropical storm moved
on the coast then the heavy stuff moved NE towards the Carolina’s which they are like Tx doesn’t need any more water oh well.
This will be the coolest day we’ve had in a long time and only get one cool day back to the 90s with lows in the 70s that ain’t
good, means the a/c will run just about all the time. Also after today no rain expected for 7 days unless we get another tropical
storm of hurricane.  Before the rain really couldn’t tell how much dead grass there was but sure can now. I read that the wx out
there is great with plenty of sunshine and not too hot but sure it might be a little humid or muggy, didn’t notice if there was
any breeze I’m sure there will be in next day or two.  One thing I would not do is sell my house buy a motor home and go live
around the country I have a very good friend here that does that, however he plays lots of golf, he has 3 other buddies that do
the same but they will spend like 3 or 4 months in one location they go where the wx is good for playing golf not hot or cold.
However he still owns his house here in the country has 10 acres and his son also lives on the property, so no worry about upkeep.
More power to those  people that do those things. Think the Kesslers have right idea be gone 2 or 3 months come home for month
or more take off again.  To me I had rather have a place on a lake but the one’s around this lake are out of sight for a shack,
I will say this just about all the homes I see on the lake have nice size lots with plenty of trees for shade and for some reason
it rains more around that lake than in town.  Hope your weekend went well and you are hard at work today take care

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