delta air lines

It finally happen again we got rain late Monday afternoon, what a surprise when the news predicted pop up showers that’s what
we got was watering some when a clap of thunder just over my head with one little grey cloud in the sky felt no way would it rain
out of that small cloud(ha) then saw the rain coming from the west and it was full sunshine, I made it to the barn then it hit
strong winds that for sure more of those huge pecan limbs were going to break off but they didn’t. Anyway had to sit in the barn
for an hour all this time Virginia was in the house with the power off and I never knew it. When she called the electric company
to tell them the power was out and it was raining cat’s & dogs they didn’t believe her said it was sunny & hot in town. That clap
of thunder & lightning hit our transformer only one in the area. Ended up with 6/10ths so thankful, looking at predictions for
your area think it’s going to get hot like in the 100s we know the feeling, it was 98 when the rain came think summer came early.
For sure will be mowing shortly after lunch when things dry out, now predicting more pop up showers rest of the week, the rain
didn’t cover a very big area no more than 2 miles from us.  Enjoy your summer wx(ha) one very bad thing about living in an old
old house trying to cool it down and keep it cool think we should have two a/c’s one for the front & one for the back of the house.
Have a good day sure grass & weeds been growing like crazy out there.


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