delta air lines

J D Anderson

Good thing I got out early takes almost 6 hrs to mow entire place and when I speak of early like before 10 everything was too wet before
that time of the day. It had rained twice on Monday barely got 2/10ths but happy to get any amount, only 1 problem, it began raining
before noon and by the time it dried up came another shower about 5 30 p m. So mostly yesterday spent picking up all the down
limbs & sticks hauling to burn pit. Did mow about 30 mins then 2nd shower hit the worst part temp was up close to 100 and didn’t
come down all afternoon was still in 80s at 11 p m.  This afternoon is great after the rain temp down to 73 bright clear blue sky.
Still have time to pick a few tomato’s & okra the only thing left in the garden.  Sure nice to turn off the a/c & open up the windows
the strange part of this rain today it came straight out of the North or Northeast.  Most unusual for us to ever get rain from the NE.
You folks out there been lucky so far no 100 days sure a few will be coming soon. I understand this kind of rain and the amount this
time of the year really doesn’t affect the pecans that much unless we get lots more this month.  Glad you had a good trip last weekend
we will be heading to the NC mountains sometime in early part of Sep. This will be my last time to head up there for a full week. Can
run out of things to do real quick, have to drive miles to even go out to eat.  Besides I do NOT care for all those narrow winding roads
so many crazy people seeing how fast they can go. No idea really why the sky is so dark blue after a good rain but sure is pretty, too
many days in Tx, during the summer all I saw was yellow looking sky specially when it hadn’t rain for a long time.  Living in Sanger I
could look south in the afternoon’s & see big difference in the sky than looking north towards Okla. Did you ever go across the Red
River after some heavy rains for a couple of days, for sure you would know why it was called the red river, even at Gainesville,
sometimes you could wade across and times the water would almost up to the bridge.   I’ve given up on when I should mow it’s now
almost every other day, even after raising the deck another 1/4th inch.  Oh only had 20% chance of rain tomorrow & Thur a 40% chance
most likely want get anymore. Still will be close to 100 next 5 days.  Take er easy don’t work too hard.

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