delta air lines

There was a pretty good turnout at Ford Reynolds Funeral.  It was held at the
Pleasant  Run Baptist Church in Colleyville, Tx.  There were probably 100 folks
there.  The Rev.Terry Cashion officiated the funeral and gave Ford’s Eulogy.
Ford was born in his home in 1922, not two miles from the Baptist church.
The Rev. was his old and long time friend and he told what a fine man Ford
was.  Ford was a part of the 90th Division (Army).  The large funeral spray on
Ford’s casket were Sunflowers.  On the Laurel Land Funeral Home web site
was a really good obituary.  The Rev. said that Ford had told him once that he
didn’t expect many folks at his funeral.  He said that Ford would really be surprised
to see such a  large turn out.  I believe he said that there were lots of Reynold’s in
that part of the country.  I recall seeing, Jim Peak, Jerry Doss, Jim Simpkins, Stanley
Allen, Jack Murray, Herschel Fry, Happ and Jerry McNeil and several other people from
Delta.  I was really surprised not to see Glen Burgess or Joe Turner.
The only thing said about Delta, was that Ford worked for Delta as a Ramp agent for
27 years, 1955 until 1982.  He always carried a pig sticker in his rear pocket and 
was well liked and a hard worker.  There were a lot of stories about him that he
wouldn’t have wanted repeated.
I just thought that you might  enjoy knowing a little more about the funeral.
You better try you best to come to the Delta Reunion on 21Sept in Grapevine.
Everyone is always asking about  Delta Van.  I know they would enjoy seeing
what you look like now

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