delta air lines

I mean not breezy it’s sure enough windy gust up to 25 mph high today maybe 75 feels more like upper 60s, still no rain in fact
doesn’t even look good for rest of Oct.. Be thankful you & your folks didn’t grow cotton, by the time I was maybe 10 the old man
cut off part of a hoe so it wouldn’t be too long for me to handle, would put you in the fields after breakfast just as the sun was
coming up chop weeds until lunch an hour rest aftewards then back in the fields until close to sundown. You did all day for $2.00
at the end of the week when you got paid $10.00 looked like a lot of money, then had to give all but a quarter to be used to buy
school clothes in Sep.  Most money ever made in one day was picking cotton, paid $3.50 for 100 lbs I picked 276 lbs never was
able to pick 300 lbs. Don’t know about farming up your way but we were only allowed to plant 22 acres of peanuts 37 acres in
cotton and rest was planted in corn, out of the 137 acres 17 acres was in wood and a pond, also during the summer before
cotton was ready we would work for other farmers that planted acres of peas, & other vegs got paid by the lb(ha) also load
watermelons on flatbed trailers. We were so happy when it would rain and too wet to work so got to go swimming at the
crist mill pond where corn was grind.  When old enough had to pump your own water into a No 2 washtub so end of the day
could take a bath.  Before dark feed the pigs, chickens & mules, didn’t get electricity until the year I came home on my 1st leave
from the air force.  Also that year the state paved the road in front of the house.  Some people wish for the old days heck I look
back and wonder how my folks lived as long as they did one thing I can say we never went hungry might have biscuits & jelly
every morning for a week or two.  Anyway time do more watering want do much good with all the wind, oh well take it easy

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