delta air lines

If you haven’t seen this before – Enjoy
If watching this does not give you a rush, then I’m sorry you have died.
 And speaking of women, a lady Marine is now flying Fat Albert, the C130 support airplane.

Your enlistment in the Corps has a beginning and end.
Your oath as a Marine does not!
Semper Fi

Make sure your sound is up and full screen for full effect.
Take a safe ride with the Blue Angels  The pilot is chewing gum and has some funny facial expressions!
Footage courtesy of the U.S. Navy & the Blue Angels
Ever wonder what “Pure Awesome” looks like?  Wonder No More.
This may be one of the best…

Video runs 3:44.  For Sure Go Full Screen….
Guys…this footage is of the “slot man” in the Diamond formation…toughest flying due to wingtip vortices, etc…when he “smiles”,  he is pulling some serious positive/ negative “g” forces.
WOW!  What a ride!  Notice the rest of the formation in the Pilot’s reflective goggles!
Sound up, open video link and click ‘Play’ arrow:

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