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…further to my earlier message…
When I left IAH in 1974, I went to Keene NH (EEN) with Dave Linehan and Dennis Wenzel. Dave is gone now but Dennis is living in the “thumb” area of Michigan in the Lower Peninsula. When EEN closed in 1974, I ended up in PWM (Portland ME) as a Customer Services Supervisor. I ended up as Chief Ticket Agent. I was offered a position in Flight Control in 1987. I spent the next 14 years as a Dispatcher, a Special Assignment Supervisor and finally a back-office Flight Control Manager. When I retired from Delta at the end of 2001, I went to Hawaii for 2+ years, working as a civilian contractor for the Air Force at Hickam AFB as the Pacific Air Force (PACAF) civilian Director-Flight Programs. I returned to the mainland in 2005 and did some consulting work for the contractor in Hawaii and when Delta went through bankruptcy in 2006, I accepted a position with the FAA here in Atlanta as an Aviation Safety Inspector-Aircraft Dispatch Program Manager. I did that for 5+ years and retired from FAA in 2011. I was able to combine my 4 years with the USMC in the early 60s with my FAA timer and retire from FAA with 10 years of service. I continue to do consulting work when it suits me and I am a very active member of the Commemorative Air Force…the Dixie Wing based in Peachtree City, GA. We locate, restore, maintain and fly WWII aircraft. We currently have a P-51 Mustang, a Corsair, a P-63 KingCobra, an SBD Navy dive bomber, an LT-6 Korean War training aircraft, a PT-19 trainer and a T-34 Mentor…a 1950s military trainer. We also have a replica Japanese Kate torpedo bomber.  The point is, I have maintained my computer skills for a long time. I learned through practice and mistakes to make the computer do what I need it to do…no more, no less. I have never attended a computer course…sometimes I wish I had so that I wouldn’t have had to learn everything the hard way.
Dave Porter

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