delta air lines

J D Anderson

Glad you made it back home in one piece. We had a great thanksgiving lots of relatives and of course plenty of great food,
you name it think it was on the table.  Even the next day Fri was a fine day wx was also great. Then Fri, night I began
getting sick well should say developed a head cold & its driving me crazy, can’t seem to slow the nose running like a
faucet, don’t feel that bad, stayed in bed most of Sunday. Up and about some today a few things that have to be done
as Virginia is in Tex will return home on Thur. Rain predicted by tomorrow morning also hope to get more on Wed.
Hard to believe it’s been 148 yrs since this state has been this dry, for sure I believe it’s the driest in my life time.
The month of Dec is not normally a wet month in Ga, sure hope that this Dec is not the norm. I still feel like hell and
the nose just keeps on running like a dripping faucet. I thought about seeing a doc today but felt too bad to even
get dressed and drive to town, maybe tomorrow.  Two neighbors up the road got themselves a big buck over the
weekend 1 12 pointer weighing 252 lbs 1 10 pointer at 226 lbs. Now they plan on shooting some does for their
more tender meat. They got their deer across the road from my place sure hasn’t slowed down the ones com ing
on my place eating anything that’s green. Got to go fix little something to eat. Have a good week glad u made it home.

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