delta air lines

I agree with you it is getting harder to fly and of course age is catching up also. Jet lag and dragging bags around is a big hassle. Last spring when we spent 18 days going from Ft Lauderdale to Europe, flew from London to DFW and then two days later went to Minneapolis-Tokyo (almost got bumped there but two people misconnected at the last minute and they drug us down the jetway as they were closing the doors to the last flight to Singapore that wasn’t oversold for three days, stayed is Singapore for two nights and made a 24 cruise throughout Asia and flew from Shanghai 14 hours to Seattle where we missed three flights to Minneapolis and Salt Lake, caught the last trip to LAX, spent the night there and got up at 4:00 AM to fly to DFW about 6:00 AM. If you think that sentence was long, you can see how long that trip was. That summer we took our grandson to Mt Rushmore, Yellowstone and the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs and we drove the whole trip instead of flying. It’s not as much fun as it used to be.
I sure the Hammers would agree the excitement is seeing new places and once you have been to as many places as we all have, it’s not worth the hassle just to go back.
Never made it to Timbuktu, but I did drive through Independence, IA on the way to research some cemeteries in Cedar Rapids and Waterloo
Love to you and your lovely bride
Chuck and Carol

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