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Willow Run B-24s –

Willow Run B-24s –

   Here’s something regarding WWII that Bruce sent.  Some of us older retirees may have some
connections via your parents to the big war.  My Dad worked in Tulsa, Oklahoma for the Pure Oil Co.
who manufactured the oil and fuel for the war effort, and he didn’t have to go to war due to that. 
However, I did have 3 uncles who did go and were captured and spent time as POWS.  Two of
them were on the Bataan Death March and survived.  A third was a POW elsewhere. 
Also, my wife’s Dad was a Marine who served at Guadalcanal, the first big conflict with Japan after
Pearl Harbor. 
After I started with Delta, my Dad and I flew on passes out to visit his brother in Roswell, NM. 
We were all talking about WWII and airplanes, etc, and my uncle said “wait a minute”, went to a
closet in his house and brought back a Landing Gear for a B-25 bomber he had saved.  He said that
during the war he lived in California and worked in the aircraft manufacturing plant that built the
B-25’s.  He was involved in the landing gear phase of the plant and had saved one that had a defect. 
Wish I had a cell phone with a camera back then!
Thanks Bruce for sending the video.  Brought back some memories! 
Bob Richardson
Sec./Treas. Delta Pioneers
Diamond State Chapter
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